Wednesday, October 11, 2006

7 months have flown by!

Happy birthday, my sweet baby girl. It has been a month of standing, bouncing, eating lots of new foods, hating peas, slinging bowls & spoons, giggling, splashing, and snuggling. Did I mention smiling? Your smile lights up the room. We love you, Natalie.
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HeyGuy said...

she sure is a grandma

Cristina Mathers said...

wow! she is a cutie pie. our girls are about 2 months apart. it's so amazing to me how fast she grows! this is our first but for sure not our last. can't wait for all the fun! natalie is precious as are all your kids! i have only kind of finished the mural in her room. needs more detail. but between gardening and painting the rest of the house it's gone on the back burner for now. will post pics soon! =)