Friday, September 24, 2010

August 1st-Day 3

On our way to Indianapolis, we munched on sandwiches and goodies provided by Jeff & Lori and were amazed by

the PHANTOM driver. Do you see anyone driving the red car? Us either.

We passed through St. Louis and really regretted that we could not stop. We were running so late, but it was beautiful to see.

A couple of perks to driving during the night. I was pretty pleased to catch these out of the back window of the van.

*We stopped in a small town about 2 hours outside of Indianapolis and our battery died.

**Triple AAA was called.

***No one was willing to come out to us for a jump. Really. I am not lying.

****Luckily, after waiting about 30 minutes, it started. We made it to our hotel without incidence.

*****Even luckier? A Honda dealership was only 5 minutes away from our hotel.

******Even luckier still? They were so quick, we didn't lose any time in the morning on our way to New York.

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Jill said...

What the?! How was no one willing to come give you guys a jump, isn't that what AAA is for?!