Monday, February 01, 2010

Mount Lemmon 2010.

Sunday, we had big plans.
We got out our scarves.
I found my rain boots....don't you love em?
And we hit the open road. Beautiful, right?
About 20 minutes later, we saw our first signs of snow.
And we were lucky enough to find a perfect spot...
Borrowed snowsuits(thanks Janice) were put on, and sleds were brought out. The fun began!
Tyler enjoyed himself too! I think those Target $1 bin red gloves made him feel like a Power Ranger;)
No one complained about walking up the slippery slope....especially this guy. He loved it all.
Not alot of actions shots due to ...too much action going on. One of us had to be at the bottom because they came down pretty fast.
And one of us had to be at the top to hold the sled while they got on. They had so much fun.
There were several wipe-outs, which is all part of the fun, no?
Lindsey had the most...cause that girl came down f.a.s.t! She was airborne at one point(scared me to death).
After about 30 minutes, my Arizona babies had had it. Hey, I was impressed they lasted as long as they did! Rain boots or sneakers don't really keep your feet warm & dry for long....but luckily, we had extra mittens that kept her little feet warm.
While everyone was warming up, we enjoyed the view on the way back down.
Breathtaking isn't it?

Guess we timed it just right....people were waiting at the BASE of the mountain for up to 3 hours to go up..crazy. When we went up, there was no wait at all.

We had so much fun on our spontaneous family outing. Have you had any spur of the moment family fun lately?

***After reading this i know any other words, beside fun? Geez.


Jill said...

What a fun outing! It's so cool that you guys can drive to snow while living in the desert like that.

I cannot imagine waiting 3 hours to go sledding!!

Cristin@ Serendipity said...

Very fun!
I love that you would make the trip so they could experience a SNOW day! Fun memories for sure!

We had a few flakes here on Saturday {unheard of} and my kiddos were sooooo excited! Next year they'll experience snow & I can't wait to see what they think...