Wednesday, February 24, 2010

He's an Arizona star.

It was rodeo time again here in Arizona. The week of parades, cook-outs, and 2 days off from school!

Michael's kindergarten class performed for their families. They were all so cute. There are so many boys in both classes...that most boys had to dance together! Not too sure the boys enjoyed that, but it was still sweet to see.

In case you don't know the you go.
I'm an Arizona, Arizona, Arizona star
And I come from the west
Where the cowboys are
I could ride 'em I could rope 'em
I could show em how it's done
I'm a rootin tootin cowboy
With my six shooter guns
Prum-prum-prum-prum, BANG, BANG!


Kim Sue said...

Love that next to last picture with that big ole'grin!

mysteryhistorymom said...

HOW CUTE!!!! Love the pictures, Heather! I've never seen a cuter cowboy.:) Lori