Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Sunny Sunday

We surprised the kids and tried out a new park on the other side of town. If only ALL the parks here had that wonderful shade! It was warm at 10 in the morning, but not unbearable. 
They squealed.....especially because we had it to ourselves!
I love this pic of Lindsey climbing, but mostly because I caught Charles, Tyler and a little of Natalie in the background too! Do you believe all of the shade?

Had to catch my cutie on the slide.....I love that he smiles that big EVERY single time he goes down a slide. My favorite pic from the park. My 5 year old is spinning his 2 older siblings....if that doesn't explain the household dynamics here, nothing does!

After a nice visit at the cemetery and the pet store, we went to lunch.
The kids were so well behaved. Thankfully, they had coloring books:) Love this pic, Charles has the sexiest hands. Seriously, sexy.
Took this photo because I thought it was funny he was contemplating what ice cream flavor to pick and the sign was right above his head...almost like a conversation cloud in a cartoon. It would have been perfect, if it had been on the other side.

Yes, that is a cold, icy Dr. Pepper. I fell off the wagon.
But, I am back on it. Nothing to do, but keep trying!

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mysteryhistorymom said...

Great pictures of you darling family! That Dr. Pepper looks goooood.... Perfect on a hot day! The heat is not bad yet here. We still have not turned on the air conditioning.:)

I got the Nancy Drew book at Borders!:) Lori