Friday, December 28, 2007

Undocumented Holiday Fun!

Throughout the month there has been alot going on, like........... Snoozing all while not letting go of your tree headband.

It hailing outside and all of us secretly hoping that it would snow again.

Making christmas ornaments.
Hugging snowmen every night.
Talking to Santa every night.

Having a cookie-decorating playdate with Lindsey's new friend, Elara.
Making a gingerbread house.
Helping Mommy in the kitchen. Here she helped me make apple cranberry pie, but she also helped with an apple pie and roasted vegetables.

Michael receiving this sock monkey from a 5th grader at his school. The entire 5th grade class made the monkeys, wrote the children a letter from the monkey and drew a picture for them. Such a wonderful surprise.

Teacher gifts were made....mostly of pecan turtles and pumpkin bread. Gotta love those $1 felt bags at Target. I really wish I had bought more.

Lindsey got all bundled up to head to Winterhaven(a light festival here in town) with her new friend, Elara. She had so much fun!

Played many games. Perfection was a hit with them. Michael's quote of the day"hmmm, this might be a tricky one". So cute.
Lots of running from the camera. You have to love the $3 sweater I got last year.

And writing letters to Santa. Tyler was even willing to do it for his siblings. Lindsey was very serious and she filled the front and back.
Having a whole lotta fun!

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Jill said...

It's wonderful that you're so good at documenting your kids' lives, that's such a gift for them. I love all the details from the month.