Friday, December 14, 2007

The true story.....

behind holiday photos!

It all begins with at least 1 breakdown(it hurts my heart to look at her crying)
a little princess who wants to play blocks.
some sibling assistance.

And props getting in the way.

Then there are those moments when you think you have gotten a pretty good picture and you realize
She isn't looking at the camera.
Take 2....he is not looking at the camera.
Take 3.....he decides to do some crazy thing with his lips.

The best I get, after taking a zillion photos!
So, alas, I did not get the perfect "holiday" photo I was looking for. I wonder is it this difficult for everyone else?


Mom2fur said...

Do you have a digital camera? That's the beauty of them--you can take zillions of photos!
Maybe the better thing would be to take individual pics and do a montage.
My daughter and my middle son insist on mugging the camera. Oh...and they are 23 and 21 years old. So I let them get it out of their system and then get something better. Every holiday has to have at least one 'funny photo'.
All in all, though, I think your pictures are cute!

Jill said...

Yes, I think it's like this for everyone. The photo shoot we had when Whitney was 2 months old and Landon was 2 years old was so sad it became hilarious. I really should scan those photos and post them because they're not to be believed. The process is so painful that I think it's part of what delays me getting my cards done. It's way more doable now that the kids are 7 and 9, but now we're battling goofy, fake smiles, eyes looking somewhere else and mine and Randy's triple chins!