Wednesday, November 01, 2006

In between all the photos.

I know all of you are super busy too, but Wow, it seems like I have been on overdrive. Between being extremely behind on my Pink Christmas project and when I say really behind..........I mean 2 weeks and counting( Don't worry, Kristi, it is coming along. Let's just say the vision had to be adjusted to work), Lindsey getting sick, Charles working late, school stuff, and all the other stuff that goes with trying to add on a room...I have been drowning. With that said, I see a light at the end of the tunnel.....YAY!

In other news, we have been the recepients of some excellent "good mail"! We got a really cool Halloween package from Aunt Candi and Ariel. It had so many fun things....extras that I had not bought to decorate the house. Thank you so much guys! We love and miss you. We got a really fun package from our new friends, the Harmons. The kids were so excited to get mail. I wish I lived closer to them......they are good people:) We received fun Halloween cards from Aunt Nancy, Aunt Pat, and Aunt Christina, Alexa, and their sweet grandparents(both sets)! Now, I was expecting this good mail, but it was still exciting nonetheless! My good friend, Stacy, made a messenger bag, see above, I will be using as a diaper bag, that fits on the back of my stroller. It is so cool. Thank you Stacy, I will be placing another order soon. Speaking of orders....if you want to place an order with her for Christmas gifts, you will need to order by November 5th. She has alot of cute bags, blankets, fun stuff here. Check her out! I admire her so much!

Oh, oh, I almost forgot to tell you.......................Tyler tried out for the 6th grade production of Aladdin and he got the part of Genie!!!!! We are so proud of him. I wish I had his confidence in front of a crowd.

Gotta get dinner on..........have a great night.

*****************I have added photos, I tried to keep them in chronological order. Scroll down. Enjoy!

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Cristina Mathers said...

wow! now i see why you haven't been blogging! hope things settle down! congrats to tyler! that is so cool! can't wait to see the pics! (i was the bumble bee and the rainbow in Noah's Ark when I was in kindergarten-sadly my acting career ended there!=)