Sunday, June 25, 2006

A busy weekend.

We had a great weekend of family time and work that had to be done! Saturday, we took the kids to the zoo. What fun they had! Even Tyler, enjoyed himself. They were especially fascinated by the polar bear. He was out taking a swim. So forget they are BIG, wild animals...not cuddly bears. The giraffes, elephants, and lions were a hit, as were the monkeys. We survived for only an hour and 15 minutes, because it was just toooo hot! It was short, but sweet. We hit the pool after we got home and did it feel good! Lindsey is starting to venture out more....holding onto the side, jumping from the steps and wanting to "swim" while we hold her. Michael is also getting brave. I think by the end of the summer, they will be well on their way. Today, my Dad and Charles worked on Natalie's room. Alot of electrical work had to be done. Now I get to pick out a new light fixture for her room. Yay! I'm anxious about tomorrow. Lindsey starts VBS along with Tyler. Hope it goes well. I probably won't be able to get her to leave! Til next time.

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