Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We are still on auto-pilot.

We are home safe and sound. So much to share! Like Lindsey's birthday...yes, she turned 8 the night before we left. And how well our children did on such a looong road trip....bribery wasn't even necessary! And how wonderful it was to see family...everyone was so warm and welcoming. Or how to have fun at Walgreen's at midnight...go with Lori! And how much we needed this vacation.....really, really, needed it! And how school started the day after we got back home....i know! I have a 1st grader, a 3rd grader, and a 10th grader....crAZY! Can't wait to tell you more, but the unpacking still continues!

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Jill said...

Wow, that looks like a serious road trip! I'm so glad it went well and that the kids were well behaved and bribery-free, woohoo!