Tuesday, August 11, 2009


My sweet friend, Lori, gave me these:
The Watermelon Award. Where I am to name 6 things that make me happy.
1.) The smell of a freshly mowed lawn. (I love mowing it too...crazy, right?)
2.) The taste of cold pumpkin pie in the morning.....you know you love it the next day too:)
3.) Dancing in the kitchen with my family.....hysterical to see
the girls headbang!
4.) READING! oh, what I would give for a rainy day, under
comfy covers and the chance to read all day long.
5.) Friends and family.
6.) When my husband smiles at me.
This Premio Meme Award. Where I am to tell you 7 facts about myself that you might not already know.

1.) I love rollercoasters. Lucky for me, my daughter does too!
2.) I will never eat sushi. Don't ask me to. I won't....I just won't.
3.) I don't like talking to people with sunglasses on...weird, I know. I have to see your eyes while I am talking to you.
4.) I was born exactly 1 year after my great-aunt passed away......@ the same time........crazy, no? My great-uncle couldn't visit me for a long time because of it.
5.) I went to 13 different schools......may have been 14, might be missing one.
6.) Mushrooms and green peppers on my pizza, please!
7.) I want a mac.....okay, you might already know that, but I really, really want one!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Pumpkin pie- YUM! Love mushrooms on my pizza, too!! Oh, and a rainy day with a pile of book- sigh... Where can we go for a place like that?

Hey Cutie! I partnered you with your buddy, Jill! Stop by and check it out! Lori

Kim Sue said...

rainy day under the covers with a good book...now there is a thought!