Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Natalie's looong birthday post...aka the year she didn't look at the camera.

My last shot of her as a 2 year old. Two years of such joy......
When I came out to wish her a happy birthday, I caught the girls having a special snuggle.

Seeing them being loving to each other always makes my heart happy.

She was very excited to have her cinnamon rolls....we were running late, so that was it for photos.
After dropping off the oldest 3 at school, we came back to the house for her birthday play date.
Charles set up the bounce house, so we could at least get
proof that they were near each other!

After their bouncing fun, we had cupcakes and presents! They were so sweet to give her 3 new potty books(progress in that area has stalled). She talked about her friend for the rest of the day.
The only photo I have of her birthday dinner & cake.....the only one that turned out anyway. She had a good time. She was happy with her new raincoat(cause it rains so much here, ha), a wubbzy bath toy, a wubbzy plush toy, and a new Dora scooter. She is still at that great age where she is happy with what she gets and doesn't look for more.

Her family party was on Sunday. We had decorations,
Banner made especially for Natalie by Lindsey. PERFECT decoration made by my Mom & Dad. Wubbzy
is made out of wood for her to keep in room. Thanks again,
she loves it!
We had games...
We had cake....

Made by Janice(of course). Do you believe
how cute it is? She made the tail, arms &
feet out of yellow chocolate! Thank you
so much!

We had party hats

We had coloring....
There she is, Janice(our own Marth Stewart)
We had tickle time.....
And we had presents!
Yay! She got Widget! What was she so excited about?

Her doll creation....she loves her doll,
Mom! Thanks.

****And we had one tuckered out partier!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Oh my goodness! I can just feel the fun! Happy Birthday Natalie! You are one darling 3 year old!:) Lori

Love the picture of you, too, Heather!:)

Jill said...

This looks like such a great birthday for her! I love what you said about her being at the age where she loves everything and doesn't look for more, that's so true and so endearing.