Monday, February 23, 2009

Our Sunday.

We had some good quality family time this weekend....much, much needed.

After our "cancakes" breakfast, we went for a bike ride.

Which meant for Tyler, a walk....he still won't ride a bike. Here he is checking out his old elementary school(Lindsey's). Something about it made me sad. Maybe because he is growing up, maybe because he misses that comfort zone, or maybe because he is always alone.
We took a break and climbed a tree or 2.

Then our littlest princess decided she was walking ....I absolutely love this photo, blurriness and all! Anyone notice her hair up in a ponytail.....yay, we are starting to have other hair options!

After we got home, the whole family enjoyed some fruit pops in the backyard and someone got into the blue chalk. I won't say who:)

Then, Charles & I assembled my turbo air hockey game that I got for my birthday FOUR years ago. I told you we procrastinate! It was a big hit with all the kids(Charles & I included). We have no room for it, but it sure is fun!

Lindsey enjoyed making the meatballs for Sunday dinner with Grandma Marie. She did a terrific job...they were delicious.

While I was preparing the meatballs, the kids took advantage of the available table and played really well together.

Dinner was yummy, the company was nice and her gift of lemons from her lemon tree was a welcome surprise. Can you believe how many lemons her little tree produces? This isn't even half of them!

It was a wonderful, relaxing day...that I didn't want to end.


Jill said...

It's so crazy for me to see you guys doing summer-type activities like this in February! We're still in hibernation mode around here and were excited to see the snow in our front yard almost completely melted this morning (it's 48 degrees here). Crazy.

That's too funny that you've had the air hockey table for 4 years and just barely set it up.

Stacy said...

I almost teared up when I read what you wrote about Tyler and the picture that went along with it....(((hugs)))

Kim Sue said...

a few years ago my husband tried to talk me into an air hockey table. when I tried to tell him we didn't have anywhere to set it up, he tried to make a case for replacing the dinning room table with one! needless to say, we don't have an air hockey table!