Sunday, February 04, 2007

Don't judge a book by it's torn cover!

Michael has a bad habit. For the last few months he has been ripping pages out of his books. I know this is just a phase, but I love books and I hate when they get ruined! About 1 1/2 weeks ago, I finally bought Snow Flower and the Secret Fan(I told you, I am way behind!). I was so excited when it came because, it arrived the same day I received this cute bookmark from Stacy

at I Believe Designs So sweet of her! I immediately placed it in my new book and placed it on the sofa table. The next morning, I come out to the living room to find the body of my book laying there with no cover and no bookmark. Naturally, I was very upset with Michael. Upset over the brand, spanking-new book , but mostly upset over the bookmark. Luckily, they were all found nearby. Michael got a stern talking to and it was over with. Fast forward to tonight! Lindsey comes into the kitchen with my little 30 minute digital camcorder she is not supposed to be touching. I looked to see if my videos were deleted and found that Lindsey had videotaped Michael creeping around in my camera bag. Busted right? It gets better. There are 44 videos on the camcorder. 4 of them were mine. 39 of them were of Michael videotaping the day my book got torn up. He videotaped what LINDSEY had done. He was talking in about 20 of them, saying ", no" sort of like "Ooooh, you are in trouble!"
I learned a couple of lessons, after laughing about the pure genius of my little 3 year old.
1. I need to find a safer spot for my digital camcorder and books!
2. That Michael is a smart cookie.
3. That Lindsey is even smarter for letting him take the fall for it.

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